Housecoats return to the fashion of the 1951 winter

During the summer of 1951 the long cotton housecoat kicked up its hem and blossomed in short form as an all-purpose coverall that could be worn belted to market or even cocktail parties. Driven back indoors by cold weather, it now turns up for winter in brilliant dyed cottons. Washable and easy to puy on in a hurry, the provide a dressy quich-change for frazzled housewives. For evening entertainment theor uncluttered lines can take as much decoration as a Christmas tree.

"Homecomer" is a successor to summer's most popular housecoat, "Shopper", which sold 160.000 copies. It is quilted, has a fitted top, comes with jersey (John Weitz, $10.95) or can be worn bare-armed.

Tea cozy inspired this quilted cotton housecoat which slides on over the wearer's head (Loungees, $12.95), also comes in gold and green. It is shown here with a black cotton jersey to fill out its bare neckline.

Ruffled wraparound which needs little pressing (Nelly Don, $12.95) comes in bright mexican colors. As shown here wearer would be chilly, but housecoat can be worn over long-sleeved sweater.

Geometric corduroy makes a pyramid coat (Loungees, $12.95). It comes in red, blue, gold, green and black. Here it is cinched in with a felt belt (Criterion, about $5) and belled out with petticoats.


photos and documentation: LIFE Magazine (US) | Zetu Harrys collection

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