For 1955 Chrysler invested $250 million in a new design for their cars


The five colorful cars above represent one of the most expensive changeovers in automotive history. Switching radically from its previous line of short, high cars, the Chrysler Corporation for 1955 invested a fat $250 million in long, low automobiles with a touch of the sports car look.

To accomplish its big revolution Chrysler gave chief designer Virgil M. Exner a free hand. He used it to produce a 1955 line which flattens the hoods and makes bold use of color contrasts. All the cars have more power, are available with automatic transmission which included the shift ;ever on the dash. The Plymouth, still made as a six, also comes with a new V-8 engine and up to 177 hp. The horspower of the Dodge has been boosted from 140 to 183. Four-barrel carburators and dual exhausts for quick getaway are optional on the Dodge and Chrysler Windsor, standard on the New Yorker and the new Imperial. The imperial line, with a 250-hp engine and a 223-inch over-all length, will compete with Cadillac. 


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