The Clifty Creek Power Station - a gigantic 1954 industrial project


More electric power than all New York City used in 1954 was needed for a vast new development to expand America's atomic energy program, was under construction in Ohio, a conjoined effort of 15 electric utilities companies.

Combining their resources to form the $400,000,000 Ohio Valler Electric Corporation, these 15 companies were building two immense new generating stations along the Ohio River. One of the stations is shown above. Electricity equal to nearly three million horsepower - the largest amount ever produced under a single contract - will be supplied to the Atomic Energy Commission's new uranium-235 plant near Portsmouth, Ohio.

The major part of this electric power was made by huge General Electric steam turbine-generators, among the largest ever built. Switchgear and power transformers of record size, about half of which were supplied by General Electric, helped solving the many problems of controlling the enormous output of electricity and delivering it economically to the atomic project.

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