On february 18th, 1956 the first monorail in Houston became functional. It's purpose was for demosntrations only as it was only 970 feet long. The passengers were allowed a free ride inside the fiberglass coaches. The single rail of the Skyway, as the Houston line was called, was a 30-inch pipe supported by 30-foot towers set at 50-foot intervals. At one end of the line the passengers ascend to a loading platform; at the other end the rail declines to bring the coach to the ground level. The passenger car hangs below the rail; above it ride the two 305-hp engines, the control equipment and driver's seat.  The unit rides on eight pneumatic-tired wheels; 16 rubber guide wheels keep it in place on the rail. The coach has a fiberglass body and large plexyglass windows; the effect inside is light, airy and cheerful. seats along the sides accommodate 60 passengers.

On september 1956 the monorail was moved to Dallas at the State Fair, where it stayed until 1964 when it was dismantled.


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