It gives me great sadness to write an "in loving memory" post about the beautiful and talented Olivia Newton John. Like most of you I've discovered her through one of my favorite movies of all time: "Grease". A great performance with memorable hit songs. And like many of you guys out there I really got a crush on her.

Another movie of hers that I trully loved was "Xanadu". Yes the plot is goofy, some of the acting is kinda bad, but, and this is a big BUT this movie gives us so many great things: fantastic performance by the legendary Gene Kelly, lovely performance and great songs by Olivia Newton John, one of the last images with a, now long gone iconic L.A. landmark - the Pan Pacific-Auditorium, and an overall fantastic dancing choreography.

No other face would take you off my mind

You're so refined

You're much too kind

I have to warn you I'm never gonna set you free

'Cause I was born to

Love you for eternity

R. I. P. Olivia Newton John


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