It's so easy to own a dream kitchen the Youngstown Kitchens way! For when you start with a modern Youngstown Kitchens cabinet sink, you have the heart of any dream kitchen! 

YOU HAVE A SINK-with every timesaving, work-saving feature. Die-formed of lifetime steel, it eliminates sharp corners and dirtcatching crevices. Its fine porcelain-enamel finish keeps its beauty-stays easy to clean! 

YOU HAVE CABINETS - all-steel, so that they'll never warp or rot. Big, smooth-sliding drawers, handy shelves-loads of extra storage space right where you need it most! 

AND YOU HAVE COLOR - your choice of the gorgeous, new colors you see herecolors that enrich any decorating scheme. 

Down the drain goes garbage when you have the amazing, low-priced Youngstown Kitchens Food Waste Disposer. Just feed in the food waste right off your plates. No garbage to attract rats, mice, or insects. No smoke-no odor. Just $79.95!


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