1945 De Havilland Dove concept


Artist's conception of de Havilland Dove transport in flight shows craft's marked resemblance to Mosquito fighter-bomber. New craft is to be of all-metal construction with stressed skin covering, and power plants will be D.H. Gipsyqueen sixes, fitted with D.H. three-bladed feathering and reversible pitch propellers. A crew of two and from eight to eleven passengers are stated to be capacity. 

Featured on D.H. Dove will be a retractable tricycle landing gear. Plane has been designed for use by leederlines, charter operators, executives, and also for personal pilots. Gross weight will be about 8,000-lb., and range approximately 500 mi. Planned are freight compartments, fare and aft. Prototype, now under construction, is expected to be flying some time this year. 

source: Aviation Week, Zetu Harrys collection.

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