1945 - Robert E. Gross presents Lockheed's concept of the jet of tomorrow


TODAY, in America's advanced new types of fighter plane, the industry has been able to combine successfully the jet principle with advanced aerodynamic design. 

The result is an exceptionally effective weapon of war. While its use will help the war, the true significance of jet-propelled warplanes reaches beyond that. 

It reaches into the tomorrow of great cargo planes that will combine jet propulsion with other forms of power to achieve takeoffs with heavier pay loads, increase economy of operation with low fuel consumption at high. altitudes. 

It reaches into the tomorrow of the private plane, simplifying or even eliminating complicated present-day construction and maintenance problems, facilitating mass production. 

And it reaches into the tomorrow of great jet-powered transports which with increased speed and comfort and reduced noise and vibration, will serve and bring together the free peoples of a peacetime world.

- Robert E. Gross, President of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation


source: Aviation Week 1945 | Zetu Harrys Collection

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