Gregory Peck, Larry Dobkin, Paul Stewart, Dean Jagger, Gary Merrill in "Twelve O'Clock High"


EVER since he played the priest in “The Keys To The Kingdom,” Gregory Peck has been noted for his sensitive characterizations. That’s what: makes his expert handling of the tough commander of the918th Bomb Group in “Twelve O'Clock High” so amazing. When General Frank Savage was assigned to the group, morale among the men was at its lowest. By iron discipline, grit and disregard for human. life, he leads them in the first successful bombings of German targets. The General accomplishes the almost impossible, but the strain is so great he suffers a nervous collapse. This film is Greg’s last on his four-picture deal for 20th Century-Fox and he, like the General he portrays, can leave the studiwith the feeling of a job well done.

source: Screenlands Magazine | Zetu Harrys collection

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