The 1945 Consolidated Vultee's proposed Model 37


You read it in every morning's newspaper. You see it overhead almost daily. The unprecedented growth of our most swiftly expanding form of transportation. Foresighted U. S. businesses see clearly the market-ing significance of air transport expansion. They are not waiting — they are laying their ground work now. Esso, Texas, Socony Vacuum, Gulf are fully cognizant of the industry's future market possibilities. So are Goodrich, Goodyear, Firestone, U. S. Rubber. Westing-house, General Electric and scores of other U. S. busi-ness leaders are preparing now for what they know lies ahead.

Do you manufacture spark plugs? or gaskets? or bearings? Do you sell electrical tools? or wire cable? or radio tubes? or any one of a thousand other products this industry needs and uses every day? Then we urgently advise you to examine this market carefully. Not what it was prewar — not what it is now under wartime restrictions — but what it inevitably will be tomorrow. Examine the development work being done by the one magazine that serves this field exclusively—Air Transport. Check the relatively small cost of conducting an in-tensive advertising effort to this field in the pages of Air Transport. A new booklet tells the whole story. "The Builders of our Swiftest Growing Transportation Industry" is avail-able to interested sales and advertising executives. May we send you a copy? Write Aeronautical Division, McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Inc., 330 West 42nd St., New York 18, N. Y. 

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