1950 Hammond home plan #5102

When the average person says "small house" they actually mean as much house as they can get within a small house budget; no one today likes cramped rooms and lack of space. So the cleverest of today's designers juggle materials and ideas to cut costs and still produce a house which budget-wise is small but living-wise has its ample quota of space. This house falls within that category. It is built on a modular basis with a single wall of Douglas Fir plywood finished on both sides and sealed with a waterproof bond; with the outside of the panels painted white to contrast with the redwood grille, and the inside finished in decorator colors, it manages to look like a much more imposing home than its budget would indicate. What was saved by eliminating the usual double wall construction went into added square footage in rooms and outdoor terrace. 

Inside a single-skinned house, the studs between the modular panels give an interesting pattern, highlighted by the criss-cross of exposed beams. Nice details: brick planter, built in couch which doubles as guest bed, built in end table with storage space underneath.