Tyrone Power and Micheline Prelle in "American Guerilla in the Philippines"


THOUGH new world conflict may surpass World War II -in horrors and treachery, echoes of that vicious fight against an aggressor are still bitter enough reminders. Such a reminder is Tyrone Power's new picture, "American Guerilla In The Philippines," based on a novel by Ira Wolfert. It tells of the organization of hastily and belatedly trained Filipinos who learned to strike so effectively at the Japanese enemy behind his own lines. Tyrone, who makes his way to one of the Islands after his torpedo boat- is sunk by hostile planes, becomes involved in the movement, at first unwillingly. But, as one after another of his own men is killed and as he witnesses the sufferings of the Islanders, including Micheline Prelle, whose husband is beaten to death, he reaches a decision to fight with these brave allies for what seems almost a lost cause. 

Screenland Magazine | december 1950