(1959) Aladdin Homes: The Topeka
McConnell Homes: The Skyview
(1959) Aladdin Homes: The Bellevue
1950 Hammond home plan #5102
The Garlinghouse model #8312
The 1946 - aluminum prefab homes by Lincoln Homes Corp.
First flight of the iconic McDonnell XHJH-1
Tyrone Power and Micheline Prelle in "American Guerilla in the Philippines"
Contour Sorcery - the 1950 bras by Helene of Hollywood
The Garlinghouse model #5280
The Garlinghouse model #7254
The Garlinghouse model #7252
Peggy King - from radio commercials to TV
A 1969 Revco kitchen designed by Mutschler
1946. Burbank, California. Lockheed XR60 Constitution it is shown to the public for the first time