"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on."

-John F. Kennedy

Plan G 992
Westinghouse precipitron electronic air cleaner for a wide variety of retail stores (1950)
A stunning 1938 home from St. Louis, Missouri
It's true what they say about Gina | Screenland plus TV Land January 1954
The look is international - Julier Prowse, the star of NBC's Meet Mona McCluskey turns fashion model | TV Guide (Mass) 16-22 october 1965
Art Baker delivers when you ask for it | TV Guide Chicago, April 10-16 1953
New view of Cutlass | Aviation Week, June 6, 1949
1949 - a newly developed push-button public adress system is used at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport | Aviation Week, September 12, 1949
Plan B 1077
Plan D 367
Plan C 253
Plan C 475
Plan 82455
Plan E 139
Plan C 269
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