A roomy kitchen for a family of 4

A roomy kitchen for a family of four, that was what Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Billamns of Minneapolis, Minessota, got when they designed their kitchen. But this is more than just a kitchen, it's an acitvity hub: indoor barbecue, TV-watching, reading, games and of course meal-making. The overall area is 16x28 feet.

The peninsula is 3x10 feet, cooking top has griddle for short-order meals. Suspended canopy is not only interesting achitecturally, but also has a ventialor and spotlights. Stools are made from old classroom seats with added iron legs.At the end of the kitchen there is a 5 foot storage pantry.

The walls are paneled in redwood making it easy to upkeep and giving the room warmth. Comfortable furniture makes this a second, informal living room. Suspended bookshelves line up with top of window. Hard surface floor is easy to sweep up.