For this 1958 house, the patio doubles space! Plan provided

For this home room arrangement adapts to small - or growing - family. There's a choice of places for living and dining. There are 7 large closets. Central hall joins (yet separates) three bedroom quiet wing and active daytime areas. Living expands with the patio. 

House is 28x49 feet.

Architects: Mithun and Nesland

Builder: Roxbury Homes

Owner: Phillip P. Malones, Washington

There is a mix of old and new in this lovely facade. Honey-toned vertical paneling and old brick are traditional materials combined in an attractive new way. Sparkling gable glass and cutout in roof add contemporary touches. House gains stature by blending carport, storage wall, patio into over-all design.

The living room opens into the patio, which is separated from the neighbour's property by a fence of translucent plastic. Towards the street the gable glass lets light stream in while maintaining privacy.  Sheet plastic covers roof cutout above entry garden and lights the walk to the carport.