Traditional meets modern in this 1958, Birmingham, Michigan home. Plans provided!

Traditional meets modern tastes in this lovely 1958 home. Its center entry has a roomy coat closet and a hall takes you directly to any part of the house. Living is rear, to take advantage of the enjoyable outdoor area. 

House size: 30x75 ft. (including garage) | 1.460 sq. ft. (without garage)

Designer: Fred Sturm, Birmingham, Michigan

Builder: Westchester Developers, Birmingham, Michigan

Decorator: Robinson Furniture Co, Detroit, Michigan

Living room is an undisturbed area - no through routes to other rooms. Fireplace has old-fashioned flavor, but it's raised in modern fashion to an easier working and viewing height. The draped window can open fully to overlook a private backyard.

At one end of living room is this well-situated dining area. By turning the bench the other way, moving chairs and table back against the wall, this space is added to the living area.

This house also has ample informal eating space at one end of the kitchen. It's an enjoyable feature of years ago that has returned in even more useful form. Dining end of the living room is at left through doorway.