1954 Sante Fe presents the new Super Chief, Chief and El Capitan


In 1954, Sante Fe introduced three new trains: 

The El Capitan. Top economy, new luxuries on the only all-chair streamliner - with only full-length Dome car - between Chicago and Los Angeles.

  • No extra fare
  • New full-length luxury Domes for more view, more fun in the sun - in air-conditioned comfort
  • Indian guide on the train (westbound) through New Mexico
  • New budget meals - famous Fred Harvey food. Services for as little as $2.50 a day
  • New, modern reclining seats, with full-length leg rests
Courier nurse and all other traditional El Capitan services continued to be featured

The Chief. New money-saving features permit mroe travelers than ever to enjoy the thrill of riding The Chief. New scenery for old-timers - schedule change takes you through the great American Desert in the enchanting glow of late afternoon sun.
  • No extra fare
  • New, faster 39 1/2 - hour schedule - only one night en route, Chicago to Los Angeles
  • New reserved chair car seats in addition to de luxe Pullman accommodations
  • Budget meals in new lunch-counter diner - for as little as $2.50 a day - in addition to full-course menus in the main dining car. All Fred Harvey food.

The Super Chief. The glamour, the super-luxury of the world's finest train with the extra fare cut 50%. Exciting new features on the only all-room streamliner, Chicago-Los Angeles.

  • An indian guide aboard (eastbound) to point out landmarks of his homeland in New Mexico.
  • The smart Turquois Room, for the ultimate in dining pleasures
  • Modern, luxurious "Pleasure Dome"
  • 39 1/2-hour schedule, Chicago-Los Angeles