1963 Home P-563 by Plan Publishers Inc. Plans included.


PLAN P-563—area, 1,424 sq. ft. without garage or porches. A real find—an outstanding narrow-lot ranch, plus outdoor living carefully planned for privacy, and provisions for the increasingly popular home swimming pool. All-frame house uses a minimum amount of masonry with impressive effect. Outer walls are an almost unbroken rectangle, for economical construction. The difficult problem of circulation in an end-on ranch was solved to perfection by a recessed front entrance leading into a completely enclosed vestibule and central foyer. 

Dining and living make up a spacious L-shaped area; sliding glass doors lead out to the outdoor living room on one side; handsome glass-enclosed planting area sets off the fireplace on the front wall. Kitchen is centrally located and well laid out, with good space for serving meals. Three bedrooms, all far better than minimum size, have three closets apiece. One bath serves two bedrooms; the second serves one bedroom, the kitchen, and takes care of swimmers as well. 


images and info provided by the Popular Mechanics Archive | Zetu Harrys Collection


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