The Seaford. Plans, sketches and interior photos provided.


IN KEEPING with the trend toward split-level three-bedroom I homes, The Seaford offers all that is usually looked for by discriminating home buyers in an unusual way. A look at the delightfully styled wood and asbestos-shingled exterior will bear out this statement.

Its snug appearance belies the spaciousness of the interior, reached through the sheltered front entrance. Left of the entrance is the 18'x12' living room-a sight to behold for space-cramped apartment dwellers. Opposite the front door is a guest closet.

Privacy in the dining area is assured; it's to the rear and left of the living room, and is buffered by the stair well leading to the many windowed closet-containing expansion attic.

The well-lighted dining area has a side entrance, a convenient door to the kitchen and a door leading to the full basement. The kitchen has many features that will appeal-L-shaped work area, many storage cabinets, Formica counter tops, and room for a dinette set.

Restful sleep is assured at all times by the well-planned arrangement of the sleeping area; both downstairs bedrooms are reached through a hallway leading from the living room. All bedrooms have cross ventilation, and further cooling breezes are guaranteed by Jack Greenman, the Long Island builder—an air-conditioning unit is optional equipment.

The 14'x12' master bedroom has a front yard view through shuttered windows. All bedrooms have large wardrobe closets.

Colored tile walls and colored fixtures are standard equipment in the centrally located bath; a linen closet is handily located near the restfully-decorated bathroom.

Last but certainly not least of all the features is the 19' garage, which has a rear door leading into the home.

The comforts of life demanded by the usual American family (and the unusual) have been closely examined by the architect. A youngish family ordinarily looks forward to increased family membership in the form of at least two to four children.

Correspondingly, this family wants a home which can increase in size with the growing family without meaning a construction project that would rival Levittown. The Seaford offers a plan whereby even a large family might be housed.

On the upper level, reached through the living room, is a room (marked prophetically, future) which can be put to use in dormitory fashion if the size of the family warrants it. Of course, there is ample ventilation, and a corner built-in wardrobe arrangement can easily supplement the large closet in the room without cramping or crowding.

The full basement, of course, is loaded with potential possibilities. It can be inexpensively finished with tinted whitewash to make a very presentable game room, with rubber-tile flooring to further enhance its value as a play room. 


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