1942 dining-room designed by Armstrong Linoleum


Haven't you often wondered why a dining room should be on duty only three times a day? It bothered us, too, so we decided to do something about this laziest room in the house. 

Suppose it could also be a sewing room for Mother—an overtime office for Dad—a place where the youngsters could do their lessons and still not interfere with setting the table for dinner? A good trick if you can do it. And you can do it if you follow the simple plan of this room. 

Those corner cabinets are partly the solution. Presto !—the sewing machine, typewriter, books, and papers are all out of sight. And presto !—all evidence of work is quickly removed from the Armstrong's Linoleum Floor. 

That floor is a very important part of this round-the-clock dining room. First, it's able to take extra wear with-out showing it. Second, its smart design gives this room a well-dressed look when used for  dining. And most important for a busy housewife, this Armstrong Floor stays fresh and new-looking with scarcely any bother. Papers, threads, dust, and spilled things brush up from the crack-free surface in a jiffy. Even on days whhen the family track in mud and dirt, this Armstrong Floor can be wiped clean in almost no time at all. 

You'll like, too, the warmth and quietness of an Armstrong's linoleum Floor. Laid the Armstrong way—firmly cemented in place over cushioning lining felt—your linoleum floor will last for years without expensive  refinishing. And that's something to think about these days, when you must make every penny count.