1945 SEARS Deluxe 56-piece Farm Set


December 1945, this was the first Christmas after the war ended. Gradually stores started to restock on new items and production was slowly going back to civilian goods. The Christmas of 1945 was the first glimpse of the "world of tomorrow". In the series that I am starting now we'll explore the 1945 SEARS Christmas Wishbook, starting with this Deluxe 56-piece Farm Set...because, come on, children or adults we all enjoy toys, even if we like to admit it or not.


The description of the playset reads:

Set above is an exclusive SEARS design...extra sturdy, durable. Appeals to youngsters particularly because its carefully molded animals are so lifelike in detail.

  • Colorful main barn of extra tough bookbinder board
  • 14 realistic animals molded of durable composition
  • Other pieces of strong cardboard in bright colors
This fascinating set with its realistic pieces will give young would-be-farmers hours of entertainment, and it's instructive, too. Look at the fine quality features! All animals are like those shown at lower right. Included are horse and colt, cow and calf, rooster and 4 chickens, hog and 2 pigs, turkey and dog; they come in assorted colors.

Note that the extra big main barn is precision die-cut of genuine bookbinder board which is exceptionally strong and durable. Has side building, gables, stalls and even a litter carrier which slides in and out to dump. R-V-Lite transparent material is attached over windows. Size of barn, 22x14x13 in. high. Other buildings, implements, trees, and fencing (in proportional size), precision die-cut of strong cardboard. Included are silo, farmhouse, doghouse, tool shed, brooder, horse barn, five trees, 18-piece fence and 3 gate posts, tractor, plow, wagon, and automobile.

To complete this you had an extra set of 14 molded farm animals...realistic

Any boy or girl will be thrilled with these true-to-life miniatures...molded of long-lasting, hard-to-break composition. A grand addition to their toy farms. Set included horse and colt, cow and calf, hog and 2 pigs, rooster and four hens, turkey, and dog. Assorted colors.