1955-1956 Pease Homes: The Kirkwood. Version 1

The Kirkwood . . . 'mid sunlight and shadows . . . tall trees .. . soft breezes . . . where windows capture dancing reflections . . . link the home with the world . . . for indoor-outdoor living . . . an ideal blend of home and setting. 

More than 1200 square feet of space for gracious living, all on one floor, is the key to the Kirkwood home's popularity. Both plans have three larger sized bedrooms. The center bedroom functions equally well as study, den, sewing or play room. The abundance of storage and big closets, including a linen and broom closet, is spread throughout the house. Plans 19 and 119 have pre-planned laundry space in the kitchen, still leaving sunny dining space in front of the rear window. Plans 20 and 120 offer the popular L-shaped dining-living room combination, plus the play room and extra space for storage and utilities every basement affords.