"When the lights go on again" - 1943 Arvin war bonds


Their soldier boy is well and happy home on a furlough . . . telling Mother and Dad and little Sis about some of his big adventures. The family is happy, too—but happier days are on the way for everyone, -when the boys come home to stay. Then, American industry can return to peaceful pursuits — companies such as Noblitt-Sparks can produce their usual products for your comfort and pleasure. The Arvin Metal-Clusome Dinette Set shown above was made before the Japs sneaked up on all of us — before thousands of other companies like ours jumped into war on the production front. Since then, the 3000 men and women workers in the nine plants of Noblitt-Sparks have produced tremendous quantities of fighting equipment. Metal and labor that formerly went into Arvin furniture—hot water car heaters and bathroom electric heaters are now going into water and food supply-cans for fighting men—blitz-cans for gasoline on the battle fronts—metal reels for communication cable—ammunition boxes—anti-tank mines, burster-wells, bombs — and many vital parts for combat cars, tanks and transport trucks. Experience and skill that went into Arvin radios, before the war, are now going into fighting-radios for planes and trucks—radios built with great precision—to enable fighting men to talk back and forth and win battels in the air and on the ground. 

* * * 

This war will be won by the courage of soldiers, the energy of workers in industry and on the farms—and the sacrifices of all the people men and women alike. But when our boys return victorious and "the lights go on again all over the world"— Arvin products will be back again, too —all better, some new for you to enjoy.