1960 DFPA homes Design #10


Architect Milton Schwartz de-signed this cabin for Johnson Motors Family Boating Bureau and it is completely oriented to marine pursuits. Planned for a waterfront lot with a steep slope, it provides for boat moorage under the living area, reached by ramp from the side porch. Ideal for a couple or a small family, Beach-Head has limited living space about 275 sq. ft. Yet it's designed for comfort and maximum use. Bunk beds fold down; kitchen and bath are compactly arranged at the rear of the structure. Entry is by ramp from the side. The deck area is 50 square feet; it could be enclosed to provide a sleeping porch if desired. Fir plywood flooring, roof decking, and combined siding-sheathing speed construction and keep costs down. The Beach-Head's basic materials can be purchased for around $1,400—not including wiring, plumbing, or kitchen fixtures. If your need is for a minimum shelter, with comfort, on a suitable waterfront lot, Beach-Head may be the best possible answer. And remember... the design is so arranged that it can be enlarged, either at the sides or in front de-pending on the type of lot.