1960 DFPA homes Design #12


Here are most of the comforts of your city home in a 960 sq. ft. economy cabin by architect Henrik Bull. Designed for two-stage develop-ment, it can be built for around $3,200 in the first unpainted rustically furnished stage. This includes wiring, plumbing and carpenter's labor but does not include the lot or septic tank installation. Architect Bull achieves the construction economies and livability of conventional box-like structures but eliminates the boxy appearance with two rectangular units one for living and one for sleeping connected by a 16 x 20 foot sun deck sheltered with a "convertible" canvas covered gable. The bedroom wing sleeps a family of five comfortably and a large weekend crowd can be accommodated by using sleeping bags and turning the deck and liv-ing area into emergency bedrooms. When you decide to turn this into a full time home, it's a simple matter to add insulation, wall paneling and central heating.