The 1944 Hotpoint Bluebird Kitchen

THE BLUEBIRD KITCHEN features compact efficiency. Note how the arrangement savet s you steps and time. It is a joy in everyway with its Hotpoint Electric Range, Refrigerator, Disposall, Cabinet Sink and electrically lighted Steel Cabinets. 

THE CENTRAL unit of this center is the electric range, for quick, thrifty cooking. Since there's no combustion dirt, walls stay clean. And dependable automatic controls are important in producing good results. The range should be near the sink and refrigerator, to do away with needless cross-kitchen treks. And it should also be placed near the dining room door so hot foods are carried a short distance to the table, enabling you to serve them piping hot. Storage compartments in range and cupboards nearby provide places for cooking utensils and supplies used on the range, or during the preparation of meals. The Cooking Center is completed by a cabinet counter beside the range which serves as a handy place to dish up foods.