The 1944 Hotpoint Laundry Center of Tomorrow


Step into the electric laundry of tomorrow a room designed for outstanding con-venience and hospital-like cleanliness. Hotpoint Automatie Washer, Table-top Ironer and Electric Clothes Dryer are arranged to eliminate unnecessary steps and motions. 

IF EVER a room was designed to fulfill a housewife's dream of a modern laundry, it's the new Laundry Center! Major inconveniences as well as minor irritations that once gave "Blue Monday" its bad domestic reputation have been done away with! A built-in ironing board folds into a wall cabinet -when not in use, and the ironing cord has a coil spring to prevent curling. There's a special sorting and sprinkling table right next to the automatic clothes washer. Starch-making facilities are also available. Clothes baskets are portable and laundry sink has deep bowls. The electric dryer gives a soft, long-lasting fluffiness to everything from diapers to bed spreads. A cabinet-type ironer, at which you may sit down while you iron in cool comfort, is also provided. These are only a few typical advantages of the new Laundry Center you'll want to have in your plans for tomorrow's home ... With modern laundry appliances, washing is not the damp, dripping job of former years so the laundry need not be relegated to the basement. A first floor Laundry Center can be step-saving, light and airy. The room can be planned as one of many uses — a sewing and mending center, a study spot for youngsters, a play place for children on rainy days.