The 1944 Hotpoint Skylark Kitchen

THE SKYLARK KITCHEN is for homes costing as little as $6000. Cheery as its name and as efficient as it is beautiful. Completely electric with Hotpoint Range, Refrigerator, Dishwasher-Sink, Disposall, electrically lighted Steel Cabinets. 

This features the electric sink, including—according to your needs and income—the automatic dishwasher and garbage Disposall. The dishwasher washes and dries dishes speedily and does it automatically. And the Disposall whisks food waste away electrically . Here—at this center near the source of water, vegetables and fruits are prepared. Many people find it convenient to keep their "every day" dishes and glassware near the sink. Whether your kitchen equipment is arranged in a U-shape, L-shape or an aisle shape, the wrork is simplified and speeded up if this Dishwashing Center is placed between the two other major centers. None of these centers is complete, without storage space so that equipment needed for each center can be kept near the point of use. Electrically lighted steel cabinets provide enough room for dishes, utensils and staple foods.