A 1930 modernist home designed by architect Francis Keally


A bird's-eye view reveals the decorative flat roofs off the bedrooms and the play roof off the nursery. At the rear of the house is a wide terrace with a two-story structure of metal and glass which serves for sun room downstairs and as a sleeping porch above. 

Upstairs are three family bed-rooms, three baths, a sleeping porch, sewing room and the necessary complement of closets. A large area in the basement is turned into a party room. Here also are found boiler room, laundry, storage room and many closets 

The low wing at the near side of the house is for guests and contains two bedrooms and two baths. Its rear windows have a view of the garden. The long wing in the back-ground is for the servants.

The view below shows the service yard and kitchen windows, the little breakfast garden and the wing containing two servants' bedrooms. Above is the nursery and the walled-in play roof with its parchesi game tiling. Directly opposite is shown a garden perspective and below it is a view picturing the guest wing, garage and entrance