Bob Hope's spectacular Palm Springs home


BOB HOPE'S HOME Palm Springs, California Located on a high ridge just outside Palm Springs. this beautiful and picturesque home offers a magnificent view of the Palm Springs area. 

Photos by Don Ceppi 

Some background info from wikipedia:

The Hope Residence is a house at 2466 Southridge Drive in Palm Springs, California. It is 23,600 sq ft (2,190 m2) in size. The house was built for the American entertainers Bob and Dolores Hope and completed in 1979. The house is noted for its large undulating triangular roof, with a large central light shaft.

The grounds of the house contain a tennis court, putting greens, and a swimming pool. An outdoor fireplace in a large conical chimney is in the large exterior terrace of the house. The original roof design was a steel frame covered in wood. The Hopes hired architect John Lautner for the project due to their admiration for his Elrod House nearby on Southridge Drive. When Bob Hope saw Lautner's model for the house in 1969 he quipped that "Well, at least when they come down from Mars they'll know where to go".

The house was destroyed by a fire from a welder's torch in its initial phase of construction in 1973, the cost of the fire was estimated at $500,000. Construction began four year later after legal issues regarding insurance and financial responsibility for the fire were settled.

Arthur Elrod, the chief interior designer for the house, died during the first phase of construction. When work began again in 1977 the original building plans as filed with the council were still valid. Dolores Hope became increasingly involved in the design of the house following its rebuild which caused Lautner to distance himself from the project.

The design of the house has been likened to a mushroom, a volcano, and a spaceship.