Peggy King - from radio commercials to TV


The fact that a radio singing commercial she recorded "when I was starving" put her on the road to success makes Peggy King one of the smallest pioneers in history. 

Five feet high and a mere 100 pounds, Peggy crashed the back door to popularity via a tomato sauce aria, "I can cook and cook and cook." 

Mitch Miller, of Columbia Records, heard the commercial on his car radio, signed her to a contract and proceeded to sell 100,000 copies of her first effort, "Hottentot." 

That was about five months ago. Overnight, Peggy was in such demand that she made 90 radio and TV appearances in eight weeks. When NBC, readying The George Gobel Show, needed a singer who wouldn't make George look like a midget, non-king-size Miss King solved the problem. 


TV Guide | 1-7 January, 1955