BH&G Five Star Home #2411 | built in Seattle

 Architects Bassetti & Morse laid out this house on a modular basis to simplify construction. House is set on lot so one closed end faces the street. Carport shelters two cars and is divided by storage wall to give roofed terrace and play area.

Good design holds building costs low in this Five Star home. Its well-planned interior is sensible and exciting, combining four bedrooms and abundant living space in 1,500 square feet. Module design and building panels were used for ease of construction. 

House can be oriented in any number of ways on its building site. Here it is set so one closed end faces streetside. Wall panels are of cedar siding in this model, but brick or board-and-batten could be used. 

Dining area has its own identity, yet adds space to living room. 

Living room has a strong focal point in the white fireplace hood. The angled brick wall is more structural decoration and it separates entrance hall and closet.