Connersville, Indiana - American Kitchens design#4


This type is an application of the "Pullman" kitchen. It can be used wherever there is sufficient width to permit two rows of cabinets without crowding, and when all doors are at ends or in corners of the room. The corridor kitchen is efficient, but has one disadvantage; through-traffic flows through the main work area. It often works well in connection with adjoining laundries, utility rooms, and breakfast rooms. Paths of travel between centers are short, thus saving many steps. Corridor kitchens are naturally suited to long narrow rooms, but don't try to use double banks of cabinets and appliances if the kitchen is less than 8 feet wide. As shown in the sketch, the sink is centered between the range and refrigerator, on the opposite wall. Adequate storage and counter top facilities are thus provided in all three centers. The range should be near the dining room door, and the refrigerator .near the outside entrance. More than 75% of all kitchen traffic is from sink-to-range-to-dining-room-to-sink, so that the locations of the range and sink should be given preference in planning any kitchen.