Connersville, Indiana - American Kitchens design#2


This typical AMERICAN KITCHEN requires a room at least 10 feet wide so that a row of cabinets on each side will not overcrowd it. This one consists of a standard range, a standard refrigerator, and 18 American units. Notice the clean, "custom-built" look which is the result of American's modern design, sparkling finish and perfect fit. The U-Shaped kitchen is perhaps the most convenient and efficient of all basic types. Its advantages are: 

1. The three "centers" are close together, thus saving many steps. 

2. Through traffic does not enter the main working area of the kitchen. 

3. It provides maximum accessibility to all storage cabinets. 

4. Continuous work surfaces Provide greatest convenience and utility.

Having the "centers" connected makes their use more flexible. The main disadvantage to the U-shaped kitchen is the fact that locations for doors and windows are somewhat limited. In existing homes, doors and windows will often have to be moved to provide proper wall area for a U-shaped kitchen. Such changes are usually worth the extra cost, because the saving in steps, time, and energy will be tremendous over the years. In new homes, examine the proposed locations of doors and windows and try to arrange them so that a U-shaped design can be used. It will pay big dividends.