Connersville, Indiana - American Kitchens design#3


This is a type of arrangement adaptable to most rooms in which two walls are not broken up by doors. It combines the modern features known to reduce kitchen work to the minimum. 

The L-shaped kitchen is almost as efficient as the U-shaped design, and presents fewer problems so far as the doors and windows are concerned. Always try to have at least one base cabinet between the range and sink, and between the sink and refrigerator, because the work surfaces and cabinets are most important at these locations. 

Thousands of kitchens have been spoiled by too many doors and yes, even too many windows. When an existing kitchen is being remodeled, or a new home is being planned, check the doors with a critical eye. Once remodeled, you expect to use your fine modern kitchen for many, many years; don't compromise with a door which spoils an otherwise excellent layout. 

The same thing applies to windows. One large window will often provide several tides more wall space for wall cabinets than will two or three small ones, and usually the illumination and ventilation will be better too.