National Plan Homes - 2 bathrooms for the space of 1


We have become a nation of shower lovers, and it is generally understood that when a tub is installed, a shower will be included as part of the tub installation. If you are remodeling, and want to squeeze additional bathing facilities as well as toilet and lavatory into a small space, a shower stall can be the solution. Good lighting is important in the bathroom. If milady has a built-in vanity with a mirror over the basin or makeup counter, there is nothing better than vertical fluorescent lights on either side of the mirror. The same is true of the shaving mirror for the man of the house. Usually some general illumination is required in addition, which can be flush ceiling lamp or a fixture. Some bathrooms have been built with the entire ceiling lighted, frosted glass serving as the ceiling surface, with several fluorescents above. 

If you need two bathrooms but are cramped for space, it may be possible to work out a compact arrangement that will give you two baths in an area equal or only slightly larger than is usually required for a single. Three plans are shown below whereby fixtures and storage space are so arranged that every square inch is in use. The small square tub (shown in the photo above), designed especially for bathroom areas where space is at a premium, is used in two of the rooms. Back-to-back piping cuts costs.