National Plan Homes - a rustic kitchen

 Perhaps you have enough room available so that you have no restrictions on the size of your kitchen—no restrictions in the use of your imagination in making this room the most comfortable, the most convenient that modern ideas can devise. Then, if the budget allows, you can indulge your every fancy— you may want two ovens if you do a lot of baking; you may require greater range capacity than the traditional four burners; maybe you will want to have a large built-in refrigerator-freezer right in the kitchen; perhaps two sinks would be in order; or maybe your meal preparation habits require acres and acres of counter-top space— for special requirements such as these you need the larger kitchen, with plenty of available wall space for cabinets and appliances, larger-than-average amount of floor space. When you have plenty of room available, the family room adjacent to the kitchen also comes in for consideration.

Above, we have here an L-shaped kitchen with adjacent dining area and family room. There is a strong feeling of spaciousness, doubly accented by the large two-way open fireplace.