Orange Lake Village, Largo, Florida

James Rosati, the developer and builder of Orange Lake Village, near Largo, Fla., has built more than 9,000 homes in the state-all with enduring concrete masonry walls.

Mr. Rosati sums up the reasons for his success as a home-builder in these words: "Precision construction with durable materials, in well-planned communities using big-scale production efficiency, gives the home-owner more for his money."

Builder Rosati chose running bond, a pattern familiar to most masons, to obtain attractive walls and efficient production. Floors in all homes are concrete slab, many having terrazzo finishes of selected colored marble chips in cement mortar.

The painted masonry wall is a suitable background for such decorative touches as this precast concrete sea horse.

Orange Lake Village, near Largo, Florida, is a community of 1,000 homes, with a shopping and recreation center and other community buildings.