Six kitchen design ideas from 1951 | Better Homes and Gardens, August 1951


Every one of these kitchens has something for you.... They're not only glamorous, but they're a comfort to work in. Combine ease of work with pleasant surroundings, and your work's practically done for you!

Practical eat-spots, handy pass-throughs, and clever lightsaving dividers between kitchen and dining area are only some of the comfort features. They all give plus value to the home, and just one of these ideas will work wonders in your kitchen.

Spice up with glamour, too. Try a bit of bold-patterned wallpaper in your kitchen and take from it colors that live. Or use smooth Philippine mahogany or knotty pine woods to achieve the decorative effect your tastes prefer dramatic modern or quaintly charming. Add clever shelves for your show-off pieces. You'll love every minute in a kitchen that's a touch of you.