1954 Madison Builders Association Kohler of Kohler kitchen


You will enjoy the utility and convenience provided by the continuous self-draining work surfaces of Kohler twin-drainboard sinks. Fixtures are of one-piece, without joints.

The deep, roomy basins have Kohler Duostrainers that make them water-retaining, collect solid waste, and drain freely. Other handy features are a full-length ledge; high arched spout that simplifies fill- ing bottles and vases; and a lever controlled sprayer for rinsing.

The Kohler enamel is acid-resisting clear through and is protected from strain by a strong base of non-flexing cast iron. This superior enamel has a sparkling finish, easy to clean and clean-looking. The Kohler line includes a variety of sink styles to meet every need or special installations problem. Kohler Co., Kohler, Wisconsin.