California Homes. Plan C-50 The Los Angeles


Of modern Mediterranean type, the nine-room home pictured above is especially applicable to Southern California climatic conditions.

As a professional man's home, it was designed to permit privacy for study and professional contact without interfering with the family life or social entertainment.

Note particularly the treatment of the reception hall-front entrance door, vestibule closet door from the garage, door from the front toilet and doors to living and dining rooms all open from this hall. All doors into the reception hall are mahogany, and the rest of the wall surface is panelled in mahogany, which makes a unique, finished, coherent room with easy accessibility to all other parts of the house.

Simplicity, conveniency and efficiency, beauty and dignity, all are attained to a remarkable degree in this dwelling. The exterior is stucco and wood siding, the roof of fireproof clay shingle. Interior woodwork is mahogany and pine, and the interior finish is plaster and wood panelling. Rockwood insulation is used. A Mission water heater does the job as far as abundant hot water is concerned, and a new Bendix washer makes laundry labor easy.