The Nassau


THIS striking home is boldly Modern without severity, it is designed for beauty without discarding comfort and it is planned for economy without sacrificing sound construction.

When you study the floor plan, you realize the superior planning in the layout of the house itself. It is designed for a medium-sized lot, which might have made it difficult to provide privacy if the architect had not located the car port, kitchen and utility room at the front. Thus, deliverymen need not walk through or around the premises.

A second key to privacy is the sun room or porch, center of the family's living. Built into the house, the living porch offers a pleasant recreation spot and yet is part of the house for both summer and winter use.

To the street the car port portion of the house presents an attractive face of slender, white free-standing columns against a background of natural colored cypress. The white adobe brick combines well with the cypress front of the house proper. The front shed roof balances the large chimney also in the front. The flat roof overhang is accentuated wherever it is necessary to cut down direct sun rays. Plentiful windows and jalousie doors, however, allow no darkened corners in any room.

Entrance is made to The Nassau from a sheltered front porch into the cypress-paneled living room. The white brick ten-foot fireplace and wood bin are features of this room. For convenience, the wood bin is accessible from the outside for loading. Following the plan of most modern homes, the living room is combined with the dining area.

A seven-foot partition and built-in china closet separate this section from the kitchen. A gas range, refrigerator, sink, cupboards and 14 feet of tile work counters are arranged in an attractive "U" along two walls. An extra wide window is located over the sink and framed by cabinets at either side. This makes the kitchen an especially light and airy place in which to work. The open feeling is carried out in these three rooms by the exposed rafters.

The Nassau has two complete and modern bathrooms. The master bedroom has a large wardrobe closet and has three way exposure. The smaller front bedroom has cross ventilation and double exposure. The third bedroom is isolated from the rest of  the house and is perfect for a study. Or it may be used as a combination den and guest room. Because this room is so convenient to the kitchen, it is also an ideal nursery. Finally, it can be a maid's room, too, isolated as it is from the rest of the house. It has a bathroom close at hand.

The plumbing system of your home is an important factor in maintaining health.

Here is a check list that covers your essential plumbing needs: (1) Water supply should be obtained from public sources where possible. (2) Waste disposal is always taken care of best by a public sewer. (3) Bathroom locations should be planned in the interest of convenience and economy. (4) Bathroom design should fit your family's needs. (5) Pipe should be selected to fit the water conditions where you build and it should be properly sized and installed to avoid later trouble. (6) Plumbing fixtures should be considered, especially bathroom accessories.