Time out for rest - 1948 interior design ideas by Harriet Burket | Woman's Home Companion, January 1948

 A place to get away from it all. Clear clean colors-cherry red, shell pink, warm green-team with the Viking modern oak furniture designed by Harold M. Schwartz, in the bedroom. The slanting headboard makes for comfortable reading in bed, so does the fluorescent light above it. A convenient arm in the bedside table swings out for writing, reading or serving. Soft percale sheets embroidered with merry pink roses, fluffy green blanket give you that wonderful cozy pampered feeling.

In a tumultuous world everyone needs an oasis, a safe harbor that will soothe his nerves and calm his spirit. Your bedroom and your bath can do just that for you if they're properly planned.

Most of us are running at a hectic pace today. To the business of everyday living-cleaning the house, cooking the food, supervising the children-we've added new responsibilities: volunteer work of all kinds, charities at home and abroad. Like the White Rabbit we race through our days muttering, "I shall be late, I shall be late," until the watches we wear on our wrists begin to tick in our brains. We have lost touch with serenity, we have forgotten how to relax. The cure for this is simple-time out from each day to pamper yourself with a little pure honest-to-goodness comfort. This may mean half an hour alone in your room with a favorite book. It may mean luxuriating for ten minutes in a warm tub with your favorite soaps and lotions handy. It may mean a brief cat nap followed by the luxury of a cup of tea in bed-even if you make it for yourself and serve it to yourself. It can mean anything that fits into your individual schedule, gives you a chance to be alone, to lead a private life in your own home for just a few minutes each day. Make bedroom and bath charming and you'll find it acts like balm to the nerves.


For blessed relaxation. The bathroom is rich in color, rich in comfort. Floor is dark green linoleum. The wall above the pink tiles is painted sea green to match the towels, oxford, with their bright chintz rose appliqué. On the floor, red cotton rug. At the windows, embroidered organdy curtains, beruffled and beribboned, over a white shade, red rose stenciled on. Taffeta shower curtain is pink and white Somerset stripe, spacious hamper is outlined in red. Charm scale helps keep you in trim.