John S. Burrows, A.I.A. - a modern home with a future


Floor Area 775 Sq Ft.
Overall Dimensions 28' x 27'
Approximately 8,000 Cubic Feet

Just to prove that "modern" need not be "stark", here is a home that can fit into traditional suburban surroundings. The clean, low lines are reminiscent of rambling Western and tropical architecture so well adapted to other areas.

The present two-bedroom unit is planned for expansion-the third bedroom or study to be added by breaking through the linen closet wall to the north. The new linen closet is planned off the bathroom. The private terrace is protected from the sun by a roof overhang, and horizontal transverse bars which screen it from the lawn.

The kitchen strip windows are placed between the work surface and overhead cabinets, for maximum light on counters. The carport, planned off the kitchen, will add interest to the house with its handsome, vertical louvered walls.