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Early 1960s, a visit at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center  in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama (Huntsville)
1948. NACA shows Amex laboratory progress
An amazing 1946 aerial shot of NACA's Ames Aeronautical Laboratory in California
Astronaut Scott standing in the open hatch of the "Gumdrop"
Full size model of Apollo Command Module on display
Astronaut Harrison Schmitt on the Moon
Early drawing of NASA's Skylab
1970 NASA's Mission control room at Houston, Texas
July 24, 1969 - recovery of the crew of Apollo 11
The lunar rover - photo from Apollo 15
1962 - John Glenn in spacesuit
The crew of Apollo 17 and the lunar rover
A gorgeous shot of Gemini 12 and the Earth
Apollo 7 lifts off from Complex 34
The launch of Telstar 1
NASA capsule - Rendezvous Maneuvers
The lunar module replica at Kennedy Space Center
Michigan Space Center at Jackson Community College (1977)
David Scott and James Irwin testing the lunar rover
Gemini 6 rendezvous with Gemini 7 a hundred miles above earth
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