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San Francisco Chinatown in early 1960's
Mid 1950's The Grand Ballroom at the Olympic Western Hotel, Seattle | Original color photo: Max Jensen
Baskerfield, California. Downtown in the mid 1950's. Original color photo by Ray Foster.
1962 - Hollywood Boulevard at night | original color photo by R. W. Chase
Early 1940's - 5th Avenue, Seattle
1960's A great shot of a helicopter passing by the Space Needle
The Masque Room at the Alexandria Hotel, Los Angeles.
1960's the lobby of the Ramada Inn, LAX
Early 1950s - Westwood Village, Los Angeles
Seattle Ferry Terminal | original color photo by Paul O'Malley
1950s - Christmas decorations on Hollywood Boulevard
Vance Motel, Downtown Seattle
The roofs of Seattle (during the 1940s?)
Early 1950s - sunset on La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles | Color: Frank Thomas
Travelers looking at the revolving globe inside Pan Am's Terminal at Miami Airport
The Harbor Freeway at dusk, Los Angeles
Baird trailer homes sales site in Colorado Springs, ~1959
The Hyatt House Hotel pool at LAX
Vintage photo of the Seattle Freeway by night
 Seattle's Third Avenue in the mid 1950s
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