The 1955 American-Standard Convertible kitchen


You've never seen a kitchen quite like this, because you've never seen a kitchen designed with you so definitely in mind. First, this new American Standard kitchen gives you a world of usable storage space. For American Standard "convertibility" lets you add or rearrange shelves and drawers at any time, to fit your particular needs.

But that is only the beginning of the wonders. The cabinets, of course, are steel for lasting appeal: durable, non-warping, mar resistant. Their fully enclosed construction gives them extra strength. Their smooth enamel finish retains its color through the years and is ever so easy to keep clean.

Now notice the handsome, practical working surface. The Micarta counter top is one piece from back to front, with a raised front edge that prevents dripping. The sink is just one of dozens of models you can choose! And both sinks and tops come in a variety of colors.

There is so much to see in this beautiful new kitchen, with its clean horizontal lines that add spaciousness ... its handle colorguards that add sparkle to your kitchen color scheme. Before deciding on your new kitchen, you'll want to study the other special features which help to make this the outstanding kitchen of 1955.


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