1956 - Macy's wool clothes showcase


That floating-on-air feeling of "weightless" wool is yours in this cottage weave tweed suit-and-stole ensemble. Designed by Briarbrook, it shows off the clean classic look that's such big news for spring. See how this pure silhouette puts all the attention on the rich wool fabric. This year, more than ever, fashion reminds us that the luxurious textures of wool can't be impersonated 

Forecast for blue skies .. . these two fresh silhouettes designed by Zelinka-Matlick. In chamois yellow "weightless" wool, the suit at left displays the new bloused-back jacket. At right, the close-moulded suit in pussy-willow brown, freshened with polka-dots. Both beautiful examples of wool's richer colors, wool's tailoring mastery that give you more fashion for your dollar than any other fabric 

Newest partner to the suit . . . its own sleeveless coat! Dan Milstein designs the ensemble of "weightless" wool worsted flannel. Even in this lightest of weaves, wool has a natural "spring.back" that keeps your suit looking "first-day" fresh 


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