A bathroom for 3 - an interesting concept from 1945


The 3-passenber bathroom shown here is a concept created by LIFE Magazine in 1945. 

During the morning rush, the 3-passenger bathroom can take on almost the whole family at once, as the full-scale model shows. It is 11 feet square and divided into three compartments which can be used simultaneously but with privacy for each user. 

The biggest compartment, into which bath and toilet comaprtments open, containes the washstand. Over it is a double-doored medicine cabinet with mirrors on the outside and another inside to use when the doors are open. Shelves are on the inside of cabinet doors. Opposite the washstand is a wall of mirrors mounted on sliding panels. Behind them is a closet filled with shelves. 

The 3-passenger bathrooms does not need a window. Is artificially ventilated by a small automated exhaust fan. Brilliant light is spread evenly through all three comaprtments by a luminous ceiling made of plastic backed by rows of fluorescent bulbs. Natural wood and warm, cheerful colors are used in place of the dead white walls of the usual bathroom.

Bath compartment in 3-passenger bathroom is a room 5x5 1/2 feet. The big square tub has a seat in one corner. It is so large that it catches all the spray from the shower and does not need a curtain. Plenty of space is left beside the tub for dressing. Light is provided by same luminous ceiling which extends over rest of bathroom.


images and info provided by the LIFE Magazine / LIFE Magazine International / LIFE Magazine Atlantic ARCHIVE from the Zetu Harrys Collection