A corner lavatory from 1945


Double doors harmonize with wallpaper, conceal lavatory and make it almost unnoticeable. Light inside lavatory is switched on autmatically when doors are opened.

Fully open, doors act as splash guards for walls. Shelf under basin holds boxes of soap, bottles. Foot pedals control water. Oblong slot inc enter mirror is shaving light.

Towels are hung on right-hand door. When the doors are closed the lavatory is ventilated and towels are dried by a current of air flowing under door and out vent in ceiling. 

Triple mirrors are hinged and can be swung back and forth so as to show the back and sides of the head. Shelves for medicines and glasses are recessed behind the mirrors.


images and info provided by the LIFE Magazine / LIFE Magazine International / LIFE Magazine Atlantic ARCHIVE from the Zetu Harrys Collection